Booked a Triumph Speed 400 motorcycle for my wife

She was very comfortable with the Speed 400’s saddle height, also being light weight helps even further.

BHPian Keta_R15 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I have booked this bike for my wife. She was initially considering Royal Enfield Hunter 350 but we waited for the launch of Speed 400 and turns out it was a good decision. Got a chance to check out the bike today and well most of the reviews we’ve seen/read so far are on point. Most of the aspects of the motorcycle are top notch – fit and finish, refinement, etc. Most important factor was seat height as my wife’s height is 5’4″. She was very comfortable with Speed 400’s saddle height, also being light weight helps even further. We both liked the way the bike sounds too.

Few other points discussed were delivery timeline and upcoming Thane showroom/SVC. If I were to complete booking formalities today, they could get the bike delivered by next weekend is what I was told. And the Thane showroom/SVC should be operational in another 15-20 days they said.

Crash guard and metal bash plate is an optional extra and not standard fitment

Sharing a few pics we managed to click:

Here’s what BHPian roamer had to say on the matter:

Did you receive a call from Shaman Andheri for the TR? Are they offering the TR to drop-ins also? Also any idea of the final OTR here in Mumbai?

Here’s what BHPian am1m had to say on the matter:

This is the bike that the 400cc pulsar (the Dominar) should have been. And going by Bajaj’s technology/design transfer capabilities, will probably be in the future.

Here’s what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

Plastic sump guard is standard though. Honestly I doubt you’ll need the metal one. I took it over some really big speed breakers around Chakan and also some bad potholes. Unless two up riding changes that assessment, which I didn’t get a chance to do.

Also, absolutely love that particular HJC (RPHA) you’re wearing. They had a brilliant red Deadpool one too but that’s no longer available I think.

Here’s what BHPian Senotrius had to say on the matter:

Any idea regarding the cost for the engine (upper & lower), radiator guard and metal bash plate that THEY may have quoted?

Another question that can be asked to them is their estimate for 1 year service. Will give an idea regarding labour for normal oil change etc. Also for the 1000 km/1-3 month free* service that all cars and bikes do after the run-in period for oil change. They can’t say they don’t know cost as its standard for all vehicles (and they can’t make up the charges as they go).

BHPian Ketan_R15 replied:

Since I have booked the bike, Shaman Triumph people were in touch with me and I was called for test ride today. In fact I was one of those first 6-10 customers who got their bikes during yesterday’s launch but I did not want to go ahead with the purchase without seeing the bike in flesh and without a proper test ride. So yeah, coming back to the point, am not really sure test rides are being offered for drop-ins.
The OTR split for Mumbai is something like this:

  • Ex. Showroom – ₹2,33,000
  • Road tax – ₹28,519
  • Registration – ₹600
  • Delivery & Documentation charges – ₹1500
  • GST @ 31% – ₹465
  • Insurance – ₹23,632
  • On Road – ₹2,87,716

Only plastic sump guard is standard and that should be enough, atleast in our case – for 2 reasons. 1. Since the bike will be used primarily by my wife, she isn’t going to be using it off the road that much and 2. the ground clearance I checked seems good enough to handle most of the bad roads and speed-breakers of Mumbai.

Also here is the cost for the engine (upper & lower), radiator guard and metal bash plate:

  • Upper Engine Bars – ₹1037
  • Lower Engine Bars – ₹2004
  • Radiator Guard – ₹3509
  • Sump Guard kit – ₹4508

The crash guard is not standard is what I’m told.

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