BMW will finally stop charging a yearly fee for Apple CarPlay

BMW will no longer charge a yearly fee for Apple CarPlay.

BMW has corrected its course by dropping the Apple CarPlay $80 annual fee. The feature used to be $300 “for 240 months” according to the BMW consumer site, but since 2019, the first year of the service was free, with an $80 recurring charge after that. But according to Autocar, the company will no longer do that, which makes sense, considering other non-luxury automakers offer it for free or with a lower package. If you have a 2019 or 2020 Bimmer, you won’t have to pay anymore, though BMW told The Verge that it might take a few weeks to get all the accounts changed.

“BMW is always looking to satisfy our customers’ needs and this policy change is intended to provide them with a better ownership experience,” the BMW spokesperson told The Verge.

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