BMW M Sold More Cars Than Mercedes-AMG In 2019 Amid New Model Assault

BMW - BMW M Sold More Cars Than Mercedes-AMG In 2019 Amid New Model Assault - News

Last year was a rather good one for M Division. BMW‘s maker of enormously powerful cars of all shapes an sizes saw its sales surge by 32.2 per cent to 135,829, a record for the sub-brand.

What’s particularly interesting about that number is it’s a few thousand more than the amount of cars Mercedes-AMG managed to flog over the same period – 132,136. Advantage, Munich.

New models like the X3 M have fuelled BMW M Division's sales growth

BMW can thank its aggressively expanded range M, with the all-new X3 M, X4 M and M8 to its roster in 2019. New versions of the X5 M and X6 M were launched too.

The USA took the single largest chunk of M sales, with 44,442 sales sold across the pond. Germany was M’s second most-important market, meanwhile, with 26,110 vehicles flogged. Us Brits are partial to a fast BMW too, it seems, as the UK was in third place with 17,688 M cars shifted.

Despite being pipped by BMW in the sales race, Mercedes-AMG still enjoyed healthy growth in 2019

It seems car buyers went mad for anything with an M badge stuck on it, as BMW’s M Sport Packages also received a sales spike. A rise of 25 per cent saw M Sport sales almost hit one million.

With the reveal of the new M3 and M4 confirmed by BMW for 2020 and an updated M5 in the works, we wouldn’t want to bet against M Division’s momentum continuing though this year and next.

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