Behold the 450hp MG4 Triumph Edition

We know the new MG is pretty good – here's the one you may actually want 

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, 31 August 2022 / Loading comments

The good news keeps coming from MG. Fresh from a positive first drive review of the standard MG4, there’s now this – the MG Mulan Triumph Edition. Which sounds nothing like an MG4, but Mulan is what the 4 is known as in China, and Triumph Edition is what the new dual motor flagship goes by over there. Assuming the same model makes it to the UK (everything said by the UK operation so far suggests it will) something very much like this will be the 450hp flagship for the MG4 range.  

Though little different from the outside to the regular model, the Triumph is marked out by the orange calipers, green paint and new wheel design. To all intents and purposes, this is an electric MG like the others set to be on our roads soon, slightly weird front end and all. Except it’s more than twice as powerful, thanks to a brace of electric motors and 64kWh battery generating 449hp and 442lb ft. 

That ought to be good enough for a 0-62mph sprint in less than four seconds, with torque vectoring possible as well. The firm is suggesting a range of around 285 miles, although that’s using the slightly more lenient Chinese test procedure. Expect a fair bit less over here, as we’ve seen in standard MG4. 

There’s not loads more to go on for the moment, with even the interior pics looking a lot like the standard model, but with the UK-spec MG4 already established as a keenly priced, smart handling EV, it does raise expectations of what a performance model might offer. Expect further details about UK pricing and availability in due course. And dwell on this: are we looking at the return of the performance MG?

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