Audi RS Q3 gets ’10 years’ special edition

Audi celebrates what will almost certainly be the RS Q3's last big birthday

By Matt Bird / Monday, 10 October 2022 / Loading comments

The end of an era theme at Audi Sport continues. The rear-drive R8 has finally been unshackled, its engineers have been let loose on the RS4 and the TT… the TT gets a chintzy, expensive limited edition. The point, of course, is that it’s all very now or never because for several household names there’s no going back. And now there’s one more to add to the farewell parade: the RS Q3 edition 10 years.

To be clear, Audi hasn’t said officially this will be the very last RS Q3, but we know the 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbo hasn’t got long left. Moreover, as the name suggests, there’s been a decade of the punchy crossover, and that’s a pretty good run for a very niche car even by Audi standards: the Q3 is really very small, and that 2.5 is really quite a big engine for it. That was true even back in 2013.

Powerful, too – although there’s no more power than standard for this anniversary special, meaning 400hp and 354lb ft. Still, allied to the trusty seven-speed dual-clutch, the latest RS Q3 is capable of 0-62mph in just 4.5 seconds. The most committed buyers can even opt for a 174mph speed limit raise (what a spectacle that would be on the autobahn) as well as front ceramic brakes.

What every buyer of the editions 10 years package (available for both RS Q3 and RS Q3 Sportback) will get are unique 21-inch black alloy wheels, darkened LED lights, glossy black accents everywhere and the new paint option seen here. Which is Chronos Grey, in case there weren’t enough grey fast Audis around. More adventurous buyers might be interested by the matte effect Dew Silver, though only the grey is exclusive to the 10 years package.

Perhaps the most interesting upgrade for the RS Q3 is to be found inside, with new carbon bucket seats made of 45 per cent recycled plastic fibres. (It’s a modest overhaul for a special edition, let’s agree on that). Note also the copper-coloured contrast stitching, carbon inlays, and ‘1 of 555’ lettering for the MMI screen. We’ve spared you a picture of the illuminated doors sills that ‘project a red 3D diamond onto the ground when the doors are opened.’

Interestingly, Audi launched the edition 10 years has an options package rather than a dedicated model. In Germany, it will add €5,990 to the price of either a standard RS Q3 or Sportback. The press release does suggest that the 555 units allocated are globally availability, however, so perhaps there will be an opportunity for UK fans. Goodness knows that five-pot will be missed when it’s gone, whatever vehicle it powers.

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