Audi Q3 recalled for turn signal malfunction

The Audi Q3 has been recalled to fix a turn signal warning light that may not work correctly.

The sub-compact crossover may not alert drivers that the turn signal no longer operates, such as if the bulb ceases to function. That leaves the Q3 out of compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, which led to the recall with the NHTSA. In documents filed with the NHTSA that were made public Tuesday, Audi said 23,241 Q3 models are part of the recall and that it will begin alerting owners next month. The model years included are the 2016-2018 model years.

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The problem that causes the inoperable turn signal is part of faulty software that will not show the driver when the signal has failed. In vehicles, a fast flashing signifies the turn signal is on the verge of failing. The Q3 does not include this function. In the Q3, the turn signal is LED, which should last the lifetime of the vehicle, but the crossover still must meet federal guidelines.

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The fix is a quick one for owners, however. Audi will instruct owners to bring their Q3s to a dealership where a technician will update the body control module with new software. The updated software will include the fast flash to notify owners of a failing or failed turn signal. 

Owners will receive notification by mail in the weeks to come as the recall is expected to begin July 19.

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