Audi Launches the New 560 HP S8

Audi has just revealed its latest big performance sedan. The new S8 will get close to 600 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque from its big turbo V8.

The S8 has long been the top dog when it comes to fast Audis, and the latest executive express looks to keep that torch lit. It’s a new twin turbo engine that punches out 563 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. Plenty of shove for this big sedan.

It’s also a mild hybrid, adding Audis 48-volt tech to the car to give it more use of stop-start, savings of up to 0.8L per 100 km of driving, and other eco stuff you’ll stop caring about once you floor that accelerator.

Helping the S8 dance is an active air suspension that uses electromechanical actuators to lift or push down on each wheel independently. Reducing body roll and pitch. A front camera lets it do that predictively, which could save you from potholes.

Audi says that in Dynamic mode it allows half the roll of the standard suspension. Just 2.5 degrees. It also allows for more oversteer in the steering and the S8 will raise itself two inches to help you get in and out. If you need to haul this sedan down in a hurry, 10 piston front calipers are standard and carbon ceramic rotors are on offer.

The S8’s job description calls for subtle over shouty, but it still has some hints outside like a revised front bumper, s8-specific twin tailpipes, side sills, and a special Carbon Vector inlay in the rear bumper.

Inside, it cradles you in standard sports seats with pneumatic side bolsters, ventilation, and massage. Audi says that there are 38 driver assistance features, which is far more than we would every try to detail here. But it covers the usual suspects, plus lane tracking cruise control and predictive efficiency assist.

Deliveries of the new car are set to start in the fall.

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