At least 1 Ford electric car to be based on VW’s MEB platform

According to a media report, Ford will use Volkswagen’s MEB platform for at least one high volume fully electric vehicle. The vehicle is expected to be launched in Europe in 2023.

Volkswagen is likely to supply battery packs and structural components, while Ford is expected to design the car at its facility in Cologne, Germany. Ford aims to deliver more than 6,00,000 cars based on the MEB platform over a six-year period starting 2023. The report also suggests that Ford could use the platform for a second model.

Volkswagen said that scaling the platform will reduce development costs for electric cars. In the next 10 years, Volkswagen intends to produce 15 million electric vehicles based on the MEB platform with 70 models using it across its brands. The products could include high volume small city cars, large limousines and camper vans.

Volkswagen is also expected to invest £ 2.1 billion into Argo AI, an autonomous company backed by Ford. Argo AI’s first commercial rollout is scheduled for 2021.

Source – Autocar

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