Aston Martin upgrades world’s best ambulance

The official F1 Medical Car was already a DBX. But now it has 707hp – which is better

By PH Staff / Thursday, 2 March 2023 / Loading comments

Okay, when we say ‘best’ we actually mean ‘quickest’. The DBX707 is obviously not a better ambulance than the custom-built, life-saving machines deployed by the NHS. You can’t lay down in the thing for a start, and laying down is typically something very badly injured people are keen to do. But as any motorbike-riding paramedic will tell you, speed is an essential part of the caregiving mix – and what better way to ensure a prompt arrival to an accident scene than with 707hp in a DBX? 

Of course, the previous DBX was already the official F1 Medical Car, and it was no slouch. But we can tell you from first-hand experience that the DBX707 is better. Significantly better. It might be the best super-fast SUV you can buy. And because the official F1 Medical Car is quite a prominent piece of kit (and therefore a good marketing wheeze) it stands to reason that Aston would want its flagship wreathed in decals and amber lights. 

Moreover, the firm reckons that the previous incarnation informed the DBX707’s development thanks to the data gathered while pro drivers pushed the car to the limit around various Grand Prix circuits. We can obviously take that declaration with a pinch of salt (Aston is packed to the gunnels with people happy to meet and exceed its limit) but we’re not going to argue with the idea that the latest Medical Car exceeds the dynamic performance of its predecessor – we wouldn’t be surprised if it gives the official, one-of-a-kind Vantage safety car a run for its money either. 

Nor would we quibble with the effort expended on adapting the DBX for its crucial task. Fire extinguishers, medical bags and a defibrillator are all assigned their own special place in the modified 707, and it gets FIA-approved racing seats, each with a six-point racing harness for keeping its occupants assigned to their special place, too. Additionally, Aston reckons the medical team has access to driver biometric data, which is pretty handy for assessing prospective casualties on your way to an incident. Assuming you can stomach looking at a screen while Alan van der Merwe gets you there at Mach 2…

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