AMG C63 Driver's Burnout Attempt Results In Engine Explosion And Catastrophic Fire

We get it: burnouts are fun. But doing one on what looks like a residential street with a bunch of people looking, in a car you don’t appear to have tried a burnout with before, is just a whole load of nope.

What went wrong for this Mercedes-AMG C63 coupe driver in Bankstown, Australia, wasn’t of the usual crashy viral video variety, however. In fact, the 25-year-old man failed to get much more than a brief bit of slip from the rear wheels, making us wonder if the traction control was left on.

Rather than give up, he continued to eschew all mechanical sympathy by mercilessly revving the poor AMG with the brakes on, resulting in a plume of white smoke billowing out of the left-hand exhaust bank. Oh, and a sizeable fireball erupting from the front end.

Badly kerbed aftermarket wheels give a clue to how well this C63 was treated prior to the burnout attempt...

The video cuts just after we hear someone yell at the C63’s occupants to get out, so we don’t see what happened next – a fire ripped through the car and ultimately destroyed it. On Facebook, New South Wales Police confirmed that emergency services were called to attend the fire on Marks Street at 12.30pm on 17 January. Fire crews weren’t able to stop the car getting gutted by the blaze, but thankfully, the driver and his two passengers all escaped injury.

The police sourced footage of the burnout, which led to the man getting slapped with a Future Court Attendance Notice for dangerous driving and negligent driving. He’ll have his day in court in March 2021.

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