Amazed by my BMW 3GT’s capabilities even after 6.5 years & 60,000 km

Clocked in 450 km on a bit of a sudden solo trip on a weekday.

BHPian Axe77 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Tuesday brought a bit of a sudden long (solo) road trip somewhere beyond Pune.

Clocked in about 450 km of varied driving ranging from Bombay-Pune expressway to inner MH highways, to two-lane roads right down to village roads leading straight up to farmlands.

The GT did it all with aplomb. On the way back I had to go right into Pune for some other work, including picking up my bicycle bag from my Pune home for a friend who needed it.

It never ceases to amaze me how competent the 3 GT is in almost all kinds of conditions. Not once did I have to worry about ground clearance even on the worst broken roads or on completely kaccha mud roads with uneven climbs and descends. The fuel efficiency of course is also stupendous. My MID generally displays optimistic figures but it would still be well in the double digits, even discounting a bit. This is after pedal to metal driving whenever I felt inclined to.

The car itself of course also distinguishes itself in its luggage bearing capacity. It comes up to just under 60k clicks on the Odo and stands at over 6.5 years old but I am never shy of taking it on, however, long, far or remote that I need to travel. A grand tourer indeed.

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