Advice needed: A 1 lac rupee service bill for my 2012 Ford Fiesta

I plan to keep the car for another 5 years minimum (no demanding reason for an upgrade / change).

BHPian hardilip recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hey guys,

Wanted an expert feedback and advice from you all on the service bill that we have received for our Ford Fiesta.


  • 2012 new Fiesta and we got it as pre-worshipped
  • Came to us with ODO 40K
  • We have added around 47K in last 6.5 years. So in total its 87,000 KM

Usage going forward:

  • Moderate usage by parents at native
  • 99% chauffeur driven (different person based on who is available)
  • Plan to keep the car for another 5 years minimum (no demanding reason for an upgrade / change)

As part of the regular periodic maintenance, Ford has given as bill over 1L (attached is the rough quotation and pictures shared to us)

Other questions:

  • Based on the above mentioned usage going forward and considering Ford has exited the Indian market, is it okay to spend 1L on the car?
  • Based on the spares mentioned in the quotation, any questions that need to ask / confirm before we give a go ahead?
  • Also, based on the pictures, how bad is the shock does it need an immediate replacement or can it be changed
  • Any reliable FNG in (in and around) Tirunelveli


Here’s what BHPian Fanaticonwheels had to say on the matter:

Purely based on costs (I leave the comments on repair for people with more expertise), I think you should re-consider, or get another quote from a reliable FNG.

1 Lakh on a Fiesta might mean you are going to spend almost 30% (or even more?) of the value of the car on repairs.

I feel you should take a few more quotes for repair – I am sure you will get credible FNGs who manage out of warranty Fords. You might want to check the Team-BHP Directory for reliable FNGs in Bangalore who manage Ford repairs.

Here’s what BHPian swiftnfurious had to say on the matter:

You should try and list the problems you have on the car first.

Also, please type down everything that’s written in the job card – too difficult to read those. Since a job card has been raised, the A$$ has started working on it I presume?

Good to take the car to an FNG at Tirunelveli and a thorough check be done. It’s quite heavy to have a 1L bill – having said the new Fiesta is not exactly cheap to replace some parts like clutch / suspension etc – you are looking at 25Ks worth of bill with those replacements.

I just got done with a clutch overhaul + engine bed replacement which set me back by about 28K or so and it’s going for a suspension overhaul at 81K kms – the estimate is about 25K.

Here’s what BHPian GForceEnjoyer had to say on the matter:

Hi, it would be great help if you can type down the items on the job card. It’s really difficult to read from the pictures. Based on the information you’ve given and the usage pattern, you can go ahead and get the major issues such as the suspension fixed. Fiestas are mechanically solid (I speak from the experience of having one in our garage for almost 16 years and counting). If you choose to go down this route, I’d still advise you to get a second opinion from an independent garage. The Fiesta being discontinued, has sky-high spare part prices. A suspension lasting over 80000 km on Indian roads is a miracle, so it is more than reasonable to expect it to be worn out and requiring replacement. However, a second opinion could help regarding the clutch, since it is possible that an overhaul (not outright replacement) could solve the issue.

I could make our something regarding an A/C belt from the pictures too, which may need attention if you’re experiencing any issues with operation. But a typed list of items on the job card will really help us give you better feedback.

Here’s what BHPian sagarpadaki had to say on the matter:

The shock absorbers are definitely gone. It makes sense to change the strut mounts and bearing as well. Rear , just shocks are sufficient.

Clutch master cylinder if leaking must be replaced.

Timing belt should be replaced at 10 year mark.

I feel the above are mandatory. The other items, you can take a call based on how it is impacting your driving experience.

Also, a feedback I got from a FNG nearby is it is difficult to get Ford spares in open market at MRP. Most of the spares are sold at a higher price(15% to 20% over MRP) by removing the MRP sticker. Keep this aspect in mind if you are going to FNG. You may not save much over FASS. Maybe to save on the labor cost, get the repair done from a FASS in tier two or tier three city where labor costs are less. But for parts, stick to original Ford spare parts.

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