Add Infinite HP to Your Crocs With These Clip-On Rear Wings

I’ve said this before, and I’m going to say it again: your garage needs a 3D printer. Sure, you can use it for practical things like toolbox organizers or out-of-stock car parts, or you could take the advice of Tire Meets Road and print yourself a set of racing car-inspired rear wings (not spoilers) for your Crocs.

Yes, you read that correctly. Car mods for your Crocs.

These fun accessories have started to pop up on social media lately, after being published to the Prusa 3D printing repository. The idea is simple: an RC car spoiler that has been modified to fit on the articulating band of a Croc—meaning that you’re really engaging race mode when you flip those bad boys back. The caveat? The not-so-nice feeling of hard plastic rubbing on your heels, but at least they look cool, right?

An alternative would be a whole set of car mod-inspired bling that mounts directly to the shoe, and thankfully that already exists. Check out this downloadable “car mod kit” set of accessories. There’s a turbo charm that fits into the Crocs’ holes, plus a rear wing, rear diffuser, and even an exhaust tip.

These particular accessories were actually published before the strap-mounted spoiler and are the second most popular print when searching for “Crocs” on the 3D printing file repository, Thingiverse. The downside is that the mounting system isn’t as intuitive, so a bit of hot glue is required.

If you want to outfit your ravishing resin Crocs with car accessories and don’t own a printer, I have some good news! The strap-mounted wings can actually be purchased on Etsy since the license permits for commercial use. There are also a bunch of Croc charms on Etsy for luxury automakers and popular tuner cars like the R34 Nissan Skyline.

Sadly, the designer who published the car mod kit files seems to have stopped selling the prints on eBay, so if you really want a pair, you may have to utilize a service like Shapeways or use this as an excuse to head to your local Micro Center and use a coupon to pick up a $99 Ender 3 Pro to start 3D printing.

I can’t believe I spent so much time today looking at 3D printable Croc accessories when I don’t even own a pair, but here we are. And hey—these would probably make a great gag gift for the car lover in your life who always wears Crocs around the house.

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