AC Schnitzer goes to town on BMW M2

Can't wait for a Competition or CS? AC Schnitzer has the upgrade for you

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, 15 November 2023 / Loading comments

Clearly, there’s a whole lot of potential in the latest BMW M2, thanks to sharing so much with the larger, more powerful M4. No doubt there will be faster, more focused M2 Series from the factory in time; for those that want one right now, however – or simply an M2 with even more impact – there’s this, the M2 by AC Schnitzer. It’ll debut at the Essen Motor Show, and is pitched by its maker as ‘beyond the M Series’. 

Interestingly given the tuneability of the S58 engine and the headline-grabbing affect of a silly power output, Schnitzer doesn’t have an engine upgrade to show yet. That’s in development, along with visual tweaks under the bonnet to give ‘a hint of the increased performance as soon as the bonnet is opened’. Expect at least 500hp. An exhaust system is done, though, complete with Carbon Sport pipes and a ‘distinctive, sonorous sound.’

The most significant news thus far in Schnitzer’s development of the M2 is in handling and aerodynamics, which sounds pretty exciting given the impressive showing of the standard car. AC Schnitzer RS coilovers are adjustable in compression and rebound, ‘infinitely height adjustable’ and paired with lowering springs; the setup has already been ‘finely tuned’, and further beefs up the M2’s stance, though it’s looking pretty circuit-focused from here. Still, those who want to take their car on track (and there will surely be plenty) will be encouraged. 

Particularly with the aerodynamic add-ons available, too. You’re never going to make an M2 subtle, not in a very long time, so may as well add some impact (and some downforce) while modifying. Schnitzer says that the front splitter adds 60kg, while the carbon Racing rear wing contributes another 55kg. Opt for the Gurney back there as well and a further 25kg is added to the total – ‘significantly more stability’ is promised. The winglets, grilles, diffuser and stickers aren’t essential for that, just FYI.

Though absolutely gigantic (a staggered 20-/21-inch front and rear, or 20s all-round if desired), Schnitzer’s AC4 Lightweight Forged Rims are said to be between 25 and 35 per cent lighter than a standard cast wheel. That will bring further advantages on road and track because of a reduction in gyroscopic forced and unsprung mass; Schnitzer is promising ‘optimised’ handling, with ‘more precise and agile handling’. Plus they’re offered in gold – gold is always good.  

It says a lot about the demand for M2 tweaking and the importance of the Essen show to the aftermarket that, while a car will be on AC Schnitzer’s stand, the parts won’t be available until spring 2024. Some time to get saving, at least – and should be just in time for a new track day season…

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