A Scorpio-N owner drives the Toyota Hilux: His short impressions

Feels good to have super confident braking and a weightless steering in the Scorpio-N as compared to the Hilux.

BHPian vredesbyrd recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

4000km Update (sort of)

I was in Goa for the past week and drove a Hilux there for about 600km:

Came back on Friday and the first thing I did on Saturday was to put some mileage on the Scorpio. Moving from the Hilux to the Scorpio=n in less than 24 hours feels like leaving a Bolero behind and moving to an X3.

Feels good to have super confident braking (Hilux didn’t stop as early as needed quite a number of times) and a weightless steering. I just wish it had a 200hp/500nm tune as it feels slow (even the XUV700 tune would have worked wonders).

Found a nice spot to relax away from the city, bit of a trail too:

Some bits were proper axle-twisters (not in the image) but did not even need to engage 4WH. MLD took care of that:

Geolandars look amazing when dirty:

Some modifications regarding lighting:

Had to painstakingly redo the alignment as not a single technician in the country ever seems to know how to do it:

With low beams:

Alpha strike (mechwarrior lingo for everything at once):

City roads or none, it always feels at home:

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