89,000 km with a Hyundai Grand i10: Servicing, light upgrades & more

The entire cost of the job was Rs. 4935 and the regular oil and filters were changed, with nothing out of the regular requiring any looking into or replacement.

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89k kilometres update

Since the last update in the thread the car has done some 16k kilometres. During the course of this time the entire journey has been uneventful and the car is munching miles in a steady manner. However, there has been some upgrades here and there which will be written about in depth in this post.

The first and foremost would be the routine servicing which was done at the 84k km mark. The entire cost of the job was Rs. 4935 and the regular oil and filters were changed, with nothing out of the regular requiring any looking into or replacement.

A pic of the final bill

Just a few hundred kilometres after this servicing I was beginning to hear a faint pin noise while braking and suspected the pads to be worn out which was true. Got the front brake pads replaced as well which set me back by Rs. 2131.

Attaching a photo of the bill

I was always not a fan of how the rear wash + wipe functioned in my car. The wiper used to turn on first and after a few seconds only the washer used to spray. So the wiper at times ended up scratching the dry windshield. Hence after getting the idea from friend and BHPian Ashton Castelino placed an order in Amazon for some non return check valves which were used in aquariums. The fender lining needs to be removed to access the windshield washer pipes and it was installed as a DIY.

Two valves were installed, one for the front washer and one for the rear.

The Amazon link for the same.

Non return check valves

I was also toying with the idea of better headlight illumination options during this period. Friend and BHPian dr_TJ had a set of Mini Projectors lying around which he sent to me. For the first few days when I was using the car inside the town premises, I was perfectly satisfied with the illumination. Mostly because, inside town or city premises one rarely uses the high beam. And also these places are well lit all around hence illumination is never an issue in these places. However, after a week or so I went out in the highways and with the slew of oncoming vehicles who abused high beam like no tomorrow, the glaring downside of this set of mini projectors came into light. Which was that, the high beam was weak.

The low beam of the mini projectors

High beam

The Mini Projectors

So went back to the stock 60/55 bulbs and did some more digging around. Then I got the idea to try 100/90 bulbs in the Grand i10. Had a chat with a few friends and BHPians who were already using the setup in their Grand i10s and I was assured that the headlight assembly can take the heat of these bulbs. Decided to go ahead with it. Placed an order in Boodmo for the 100/90 Osram bulbs along with Vaishnu relay for the same. The outcome is what I desired and I’m perfectly happy with the output.

Low beam

High beam

Vaishnu relay

A perfect dose of illumination for high beam abusers

Link for the bulbs

Osram bulbs

Link for the relay

Vaishnu relay

In the next servicing, I will be also be working on the suspension components as I feel they have become stiffer with age and body roll around bends and corners have also increased marginally compared to before. Though quite rare, at times I do hear some faint squeaking noise from the suspension when going over potholes or speed bumps.

The odometer as of today

Signing off with a few pics clicked in the last few months

In the driver’s paradise called Meghalaya

With BHPian Phukan_Tridiv’s 2014 Maruti Alto K10

With the high mileage hero 2004 Maruti Zen that is nearing 3 lakh kilometers and is still daily driven.

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