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What do you do when your project car has gone up in smoke? Rebuild, of course. Only better…

By PH Staff / Saturday, November 20, 2021 / Loading comments

If you’re reading this, it’s almost a given that you’ve experienced genuine heartfelt affection for a humble motor car. We won’t try to get under the skin of why this might be – let’s face it, it’s frequently a love-hate relationship – but if you’ve even agonised over a scratch or lain awake at night fearful that something might have happened to it, rest assured you are not alone.

Fire damage specifically is likely to give any diligent car owner good cause for a waking nightmare – and that’s what happened to Ecsy’s Audi-engined Porsche Boxster build. Tom and daughter were forced to watch helplessly by the roadside when suspicious smoke turned to ruinous flames. As the project wasn’t finished (when are they ever?) it didn’t have adequate insurance, so all his hard work and money went down the drain with the fire brigade’s water. He’d lost everything.

Or so he thought. Unbeknown to Tom, generous offers of donations towards a second build quickly snowballed into PHer 8ball_Rob setting up a GoFundMe page. Blown away by the generosity of total strangers, Tom rode the goodwill all the way back to 530hp twin-turbocharged glory.

Thanks to the community spirit and Tom’s commitment – extensively documented in his Readers’ Car thread – this is one of the loveliest Readers’ Cars stories there is to tell. And if someone is chopping onions near you in the next ten minutes, don’t worry – we get it.

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