2022 Mercedes EQS EV’s Dashboard Looks Like a Giant Screen

Mercedes-Benz finally showed off the massive multi-screen dashboard of the upcoming 2022 EQS flagship electric vehicle. Dubbed the Hyperscreen, the design appears to integrate three large screens under a single dashboard-mounted panel. The artificial intelligence that powers it, however, really looks like something to get excited about.

The Hyperscreen encompasses both the instrument panel and center-stack displays and adds a third touch-screen for the front passenger. Mercedes-Benz’s illuminated, turbine-style fan vents are integrated into the panel, which is uniformly coated to give the appearance of an uninterrupted video wall.

The passenger-mounted screen is fully functional. Well, as fully functional as local regulations allow. Near as we can tell, that means no movies for passengers here in the United States. Guess we’ll still need to bring our tablet on road trips. When the passenger seat isn’t occupied, the starboard-side screen shows an animated display.

What interests us more is the logic behind the displays. Mercedes engineers studied how users of the existing MBUX interface use the systems and in turn created a setup that’s context-sensitive and attempts to learn the occupants’ behavior. For example, if the driver raises the suspension of the EQS at a specific spot, say, to clear a speed bump or a steep driveway, the system will mark that GPS position and suggest raising the vehicle if it returns to that same spot.

If the driver regularly uses the heated seat and heated steering wheel functions, the system will suggest heating the wheel when the seats are turned on. The system is context-sensitive as well, so if your passenger’s preferred seat-massage mode is the hot-stone massage, the system will suggest using it on cold days.

The MBUX system of the EQS can even take note of your routine. If you call a given phone number on a regular basis at a certain time and day, the system will begin prompting you to make that same phone call. If this sounds like the Mercedes EQS could inadvertently reveal that extra-marital affair you’re having, don’t worry—the EQS stores up to seven different passenger and driver profiles and stores individual behaviors for each.

You can expect to see the production version of the Hyperscreen in the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS, which is due to arrive before the end of the year.

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