2022 Maruti Brezza: An owner’s observations after 1000 Km

The average fuel efficiency achieved during a Mumbai-Pune run was 19.7 km/L.

BHPian ACMerchant recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Yesterday completed 1000 km on my new Brezza 2022 and have the following observations:

  • Drove in the city for about 350 km and many times or mostly bumper to bumper traffic but got average fuel economy of 15 kmpl.
  • Two days ago went to Mumbai and then Pune for family visit initially the car performed slowly but once 500kms were completed then there is a change – performs better. FE achieved till Mumbai 19.7 kmpl.
  • As posted by fellow bhpian aditya.marla in his post the car is very silent and suspension superb as had bad roads till Vapi (Gujarat).
  • The audio system is superb and Android Auto works great but with wired USB to my cell. (Google maps/Spotify and other music App were used). I not connected to wire then Bluetooth connection is strong for calls and audio. The call quality and the steering controls work flawlessly. The cell phone gets charged quickly both in wired USB mode and wireless.
  • Yesterday went to Pune from Mumbai via expressway and the cruise control was operated at 80 kmph. The best part is you can reduce-increase the speed with by steering control.
  • Used the paddle shifters while overtaking and they work great. The car does not shoot if you floor the accelerator like the manual ones but there is a slight lag around 10 secs before it picks up speed. The shifting of gears is not at all noticeable.
  • Yesterday drove back home from Pune and started at 15.00 hrs – completed 1000 kms and now the engine is more responsive. Encountered heavy rain near Lonavla section of the expressway, car holds the road even on sharp turns. In heavy traffic on Thane Belapur road and Ghodbunder road the Li battery was a boon with the crawl feature.
  • Reached Vasai bridge at 20.30 hrs after break for dinner and now the LED headlights brightened up the dark highway – need to slightly adjust the full beam. When I reached home the FE achieved was 20.5 kmpl.
  • On the whole trip going and coming mostly my speed was around 80 kmph, and only on the expressway once or twice went up to 102 for a few minutes otherwise stuck to 80-90 kmph.

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