2021 Mercedes S-Class Review : 8 Pros & 8 Cons

The S-Class (over the generations) has been known to bring many a world’s first in terms of technology, which then trickles down into the more mass-market vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pros

  • The best luxury sedan on sale in India. Period
  • Truly next-level technology, its visible everywhere!
  • More driver-focused than previous generations; owners will be happy to drive themselves
  • Cabin is incredibly opulent & comfy. It’s quite the royal experience!
  • Powerful & punchy engines on offer
  • Marvelous air suspension offers a plush ride & excellent road manners
  • Loaded to the gills with technology, equipment & gizmos
  • 5-star safety kit & radar-based systems. Among the safest cars ever built

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cons

  • IMO, its lost some of the classiness & charm as compared to the W222 (outside & inside)
  • Pricing (even for CKDs) is going to be noticeably higher than the outgoing generation
  • Cost of ownership is only for the ‘money-no-object’ personalities
  • Technology overload and lack of buttons means its going to glitch out sometimes. Be prepared for it
  • Many of the features we see on this launch edition will be removed in the CKDs
  • Large 20″ wheels with low profile tyres are easy to damage. R18 wheels will be better suited to India
  • Usable boot space is limited (no wheel well for the spare tyre)
  • Reliability concerns over the air suspension & the car’s very complex electronics

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