2020 Toyota GR Supra Long-Term Review Update 3: Road Trip Report

Thomas Rosquin, manager of search and business intelligence for MotorTrend needed a long weekend getaway car. I happily tossed him the key to our 2020 Toyota GR Supra and he sped off. After returning from his 500-mile road trip, he sent me this list of 10 things he loves. I agree with almost every one of his points. Do you?

What We Love About the Fifth-Generation “A90” Supra:

  • Design –  Looks great standing still. I like those big rear fenders.
  • Bro Nods – Lambos are boring to me; I think real car bros lust for the Supra. I got tons of nods, thumbs-up, waves, and cheers from car enthusiasts driving everything from an old BMW M3 to a new Subaru BRZ.
  • Speed – Extremely quick and fun. Great turbo engine + transmission + limited-slip differential = a real blast to drive.
  • Tires – Those Michelin Pilot Super Sports stick like Trackbite.
  • Safety & Driver Assistance Package – Loved the active safety tech, especially the radar cruise control and lane-keep assist. The lane-keep gently nudges you into the middle of the lane. Some other lane-keep systems want to throw you into oncoming traffic.
  • Lovely noises
    • Exhaust – It gargles, burbles, and pops in Sport mode. Exhaust rumblings are music to my ears.
    • Gear changes – You can hear and feel the thump that accompanies aggressive gear changes in Sport mode.
    • Seats are super comfortable and multi-way configurable. I felt fine after an 8-hour drive.
    • Dual-zone climate controls and heated seats made for a comfortable trek.

    Thomas earned just over 25 mpg across four days that coincidentally raised the Supra’s running average to 25.3 mpg. In the next update, I’ll share Thomas’ longer list of things he hated.

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