2020 C8 Corvette Stingray 3 New Color Choices 12 Options in All

In 1953 when the Corvette debuted to the public it could be had in any color as long as it was Polo White. The next model year brought more color choices with only four 1954 Corvettes painted black. The black 1954 Corvette that became famous overnight was the “hero car” in the 1955 Mickey Spillane movie Kiss Me Deadly. In 1955 the color black wasn’t available but returned to the Corvette color palette in 1956 as Onyx Black with the new body styling.

In 1957 Onyx Black topped the number of 1957 Corvettes produced with 2,189 Corvette convertibles painted Onyx Black. In 1958 Onyx Black was superseded by Tuxedo Black, but the end of the 1960s brought Tuxedo Black to a close with 1969 the last year for the formal color. In 1977 black returned known simply as Black with a total of 6,070 Corvette coupes and convertibles painted Black.

The color Black for a Corvette Stingray is still available and for 2020 and with the release of the new C8 Corvette in addition to Black there are 12 exciting exterior colors — Torch Red, Arctic White, Black, Blade Silver Metallic, Shadow Gray, Ceramic Matrix Gray, Long Beach Red, Elkhart Lake Blue and Sebring Orange — plus three all-new colors: Rapid Blue, Zeus Bronze and Accelerate Yellow.

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