2019 Volvo S60 recalled over incorrectly tightened suspension part

The 2019 Volvo S60 has been recalled to address suspension components that may not have been tightened correctly on the assembly line, according to filings released Monday by the NHTSA. 

According to the filings, the recall will address suspension toe links, a relatively small but important component that keeps wheels pointed the right direction. The recall affects 8,266 S60 sedans, and Volvo reported that only 1 percent of the cars were likely to have been built incorrectly.

The recall will begin June 21.

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If the outer toe link bolt falls off, the S60’s stability control system will detect a fault. In turn, the system will deactivate stability control, which will change steering and maneuvering abilities. The change in vehicle behavior can increase the risk of a crash.

S60 owners will need to bring their cars to a Volvo dealer to inspect the suspension. A technician will check the rear suspension toe linkage to see if the flange lock nut on both sides was tightened to specification. If the lock nut is not tightened correctly, the technician will install a new flange bolt and lock nut tightened to specification.

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Volvo will notify customers via mail in early June.

The S60 is built at a new assembly plant near Charleston, South Carolina, that opened late last year. 

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