2019 Skoda Octavia 1.8TSI: Cost of ownership & maintenance after 40k km

Here’s a split up of the Rs 9 lakh I’ve spent over the course of my 3 years of ownership.

BHPian anaghp recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I wanted to wait until the 50k mark to make this post, but I decided to get it out of my system because I’ve wanted to do this since the 40k mark.

I got the delivery of my black 1.8TSI L&K on 02 October 2019. While the car mostly stayed on my porch from March 2020 to July 2021 due to COVID, I have managed to make up for it decently since then. It currently stands at the 45k mark most of which are trips I did in 2022.

I have a habit of keeping a record of (almost) all the expenses that I have on the car. Here is a breakdown of the overall cost to date.

  • Maintenance and modifications: ₹318,642.00
  • Insurance and maintenance package: ₹124,160.00
  • Fuel: ₹456,788.85

Here are the lists:

  • Rubber coating was something like ceramic coating. Not entirely sure if I was right to do it. I had not done much research when I did it.
  • PPF is just on the hood to avoid rock chips on highway drives.
  • The rear bumper repainting was done just on the left side as I scratched it while reversing.
  • A few years later, I did the same mistake and broke the reflector on the bumper.
  • The rear brake pads changed at the 28k mark were aftermarket (TRW).
  • While the list says just ECU remap, it was ECU + TCU.
  • I always do wheel alignment + rotation + balancing every 5k. Some may say that balancing is not needed.
  • I also have a 70mai dashcam that cost around 15k. I haven’t added it to the list as it was a gift from my wife.
  • Just remembered that there is around 5k worth of chrome delete that I did which I had forgotten to add to the list.

  • The insurance amount has gone up every time as I keep bargaining to get the best IDV value. Some people warned me that the insurer will only accept the government-mandated IDV value if the unfortunate total loss/theft happens even if they agree to a higher one. I decided to try my luck anyway. Expert opinions are welcome here.
  • The SuperCare package has in effect brought 2nd and 3rd service costs to less than 10k each.
  • The third service costs ₹744 despite the SuperCare package as they refilled the engine coolant and replaced a blown fuse to the 12v charging socket.

This is pretty cool. The petrol price in Bangalore was ₹75/litre when I first fuelled my car. Now it’s at ₹102/litre. Ghosts of simpler times.

So in the last 3 years and 3 months, I have spent 9 lacs apart from the value of the car. Out of that, around 2 lacs were just for the non-mandatory mods such as upsized OZ alloy wheels, hence upgraded tyres, and then a stage 1+ ECU and TCU remap.

And here are some pictures because I love to show off my gorgeousness.

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