2019 Mercedes-Benz Experimental Safety Vehicle Showcased In India

Mercedes-Benz India showcased the 2019 Experimental Safety Vehicle at the second edition of the Safe Roads India Summit, which a road safety initiative that began in 2015 and was launched by all Daimler entities in India. These include Bharat Benz, Mercedes-Benz India and Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India. This year, the Summit has the theme of ‘Automated Driving and Future of Road Safety in India’. The summit also showcased a variety of safety innovations such as the Experimental Safety Vehicle 2019, alcohol goggles, and child safety seats and so on.

(The Mercedes-Benz ESF 2019 is loaded with a number of new safety technologies)

The Experimental Safety Vehicle is a concept vehicle which is loaded with a bunch of innovative safety technology and features such as coloured lights, projective panels and a warning triangle robot. Mercedes-Benz says that the ESF 2019 is a representation of how future mobility can be even safer with new technologies incorporated. The ESF 2019 is designed to be intuitive in order to provide a safety benefit not only to its passengers, but also to the surroundings. The ESF 2019 is based on the new Mercedes-Benz GLE, is capable of autonomous driving in many situations and has a plug-in hybrid drive system.

(The Mercedes-Benz ESF 2019 was unveiled in India by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari & top Daimler officials)

If the ESF 2019 is driving itself (autonomous) then the steering wheel and the pedal cluster are retracted in order to reduce risk of injury in case of a crash. The interior has been made much more flexible in order to integrate new restraint systems and airbags with alternative installation spaces. Also, the ESF 2019 takes pedestrians into consideration as well. The sensors not only monitor the traffic but it is able to communicate and warn other road users too.

(The interior of the ESF 2019 gets a number of changes to include new safety technology)

Other features on the 2019 Mercedes-Benz Experimental Safety Vehicle include new PRE-SAFE functions, a robotic warning triangle that deploys itself during an accident and an interactive rear windscreen that can display signals and messages as well.

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