11 non-expert observations on the Honda Elevate after a showroom visit

The i-Vtec was marginally more sprightly than the Creta, while the Korean engine is just a shade more refined.

BHPian TribalRoar recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Finally visited my local Honda showroom to see the Elevate in metal and did a short test drive of the ZX MT. Here are a few (non-expert) observations I made:

All in all, I felt that the car was a well-rounded package. It has its shortcomings but none of them stick out like a sore thumb to make it a deal breaker. Honda has sprinkled the variants just about well enough to make it palatable to almost every prospective buyer of a naturally aspirated car in the segment. And yes, though the price is not aggressive I am thankful they have not overpriced it.

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