10 commandments of owning a VW-Skoda DSG in India

Thou shall avail the extended and add-on warranty options, so as to prevent bill shocks.

BHPian JoshMachine recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Summarizing a few observations and practices in the form of 10 Commandments:

1st Commandment:

General driving 1:Thou shall try to accelerate or decelerate as gradually/linearly as possible, so as to let the DSG respond appropriately and predictably, and also “adapt” to the driving style.

2nd Commandment:

General driving 2: Thou shall always try to drive in higher gears (e.g. D7) to the extent possible, so as to let the DSG freely operate at its highest state of efficiency.

3rd Commandment:

Traffic Signal: Thou shall try to gradually come to a complete halt at a traffic signal. If the stoppage time is reasonably more (e.g. more than 20 seconds) then thou shall shift the gear lever into “neutral” and pull the handbrake or depress the main brake pedal (preferred). Thou shall not ‘ride’ the brake pedal.

4th Commandment:

Speed breaker: Thou shall approach or move away from a speed breaker very gradually/slowly, so as to mitigate any chance of sudden speed shifts causing the DSG to stutter or jerk awkwardly.

5th Commandment:

Going downhill: Thou shall try to shift into “manual” gear mode, so as to leverage engine braking and reduce overheating of the DSG clutches.

6th Commandment:

Slow-moving traffic: Thou shall try to drive at a speed greater than the vehicle default D1 gear idle speed (typically more than 10 km/h), so as to reduce the tension on the DSG gear selector forks.

7th Commandment:

Kick down: Thou shall be very careful when planning for and executing hard and sudden/intentional acceleration (e.g. during overtaking) since the gear downshifting by the DSG may not be consistently responsive in terms of time taken to realize the complete kick-down every time or expected increased vehicle speed.

8th Commandment:

Gear lever/selector: Thou shall correctly use the gear lever since the inbuilt solenoid and sensory response is vital to proper DSG functioning.

9th Commandment:

Warning indicators: Thou shall pay utmost attention to warning lamps on the MID or associated acoustic tones for gearbox overheating, and take appropriate action like parking the vehicle at the earliest & slotting into “neutral” and/or switching off the vehicle so as to let the gearbox cool down.

10th Commandment:

Warranty: Last but not the least, thou shall avail the extended and the add-on warranty options, so as to prevent bill shocks from ensuing gearbox issues, if any.

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