1.6 lakh km run Hyundai Xcent: Spent Rs 60000 on preventive maintenance

I still don’t have the urge to buy a new car. The only problem that my vehicle has is its air-conditioning.

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Maintenance at 160,000 km

Not sure if there are any Xcent owners left in this forum but posting the preventive maintenance I did at the 160,000 kms mark. Mine is a Petrol SX(O) AT from Aug 2014.

Repeated the preventive maintenance done at 90/100 K kms mark. Replaced all rubber hoses, timing chain/tensioner and water pump again. Changed the steering rack for the first time. Changed the AT oil for the second time although it has run only 60K since I last changed it. I could have run another 10-20 K kms with the old oil, but I changed it early since I might as well “enjoy” the new oil as long as I keep the car rather than doing it at the fag end of ownership! I planned to change the brake pads as well, as it has run some 40 K kms but they looked in very good shape and I deferred doing it. Restricted to bleeding and brake oil change.

Damages were Rs 60,000.

Major items of expenditure were

  • AT Oil change – Rs 13400
  • Steering Rack – Rs 6500
  • Rubber hoses and belts -Rs 6500
  • Timing chain & Tensioner – Rs 4200
  • Hub assembly on rear wheel – Rs 3000
  • Water Pump – Rs 2000
  • AC maintenance – Rs 3200

The AC is a perennial source of trouble. There is choking somewhere but I didn’t want to get the dashboard opened and the evaporator coil cleaned again. Cleaned the expansion valve sitting on top of it, did a bit of other stuff and refilled the gas.

It’s the last bit of preventive maintenance I will be doing. The car should be good to go for another 30/40 K kms more without doing much more. It has thus far been trouble free and not once has it let me down on the road despite going all over the country. Some rattles and squeaks are starting, but nothing of any significance.

So what of the future? I still don’t have the urge to buy a new car. My ideal requirements are a compact sedan with a TC. There isn’t any car like that anymore, so why change? The only problem is the AC – I am now almost driving a non-AC car and at some point, it is going to be not worth it. I suppose, somewhere near the 200,000 km mark is when I will say bye.

This forum has evangelised buying a more expensive car and keeping it for a long time. I am willing to change it to buying a less expensive car, spending freely on preventive maintenance, keeping it for a long time and spending the money saved on doing lots of trips!

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