Watch Automotive Engineer Put Tesla Model 3 Motor And Subframe In 50s Jag

Former Tesla and Apple engineer takes on this crazy garage project.

Swapping an electric motor into a gas vehicle requires plenty of work and knowledge. But, what about a 1950 Jaguar Mark V? That’s just mad. A modern electric motor has no business anywhere near an antique vehicle. Well, automotive engineer and YouTuber Matt Brown disagrees because that’s exactly what he’s doing.  Fortunately, Matt isn’t new at building crazy projects. Swapping a motorcycle engine into a car is one of his previous builds. 

In the third video of the Tesla-powered 1950 Jaguar series, he starts wrenching, cutting, and welding as he installs the rear sub-frame of a Tesla Model 3 into the rear of the Jaguar. He swaps the entire subframe instead of just the motor in order to take advantage of modern suspension and brakes. 

The Model 3’s rear subframe has four mounting points that need to attach to the rear of the Jaguar, but that’s much easier said than done. Matt starts cutting. He cuts out huge chunks of the Jaguar’s frame but of course, adds reinforcements. 

He explains how he does everything and why using CAD. He is an engineer after all. I won’t dive into all the technical talk, you should just watch the video if interested. I wouldn’t do it justice because I had a hard time following some of what he explained. 

Towards the end of the video, he puts the rear subframe on a jack and slowly starts putting it into place. It takes a lot of time and more cutting but he gets it in. After making some measurements to make sure everything is aligned, he pops on Model 3 wheels. They stick out a little, but he has plans to fix that. 

The project just started, check out his channel for follow-up videos. 


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