Watch A Motorcycle Crash, A Deer Cross The Road & More Via Tesla

TeslaCam captures some highly unexpected events.

This video showcases some of the wild and crazy events caught on Tesla’s dashcam called TeslaCam. From a motorcycle crashing to a deer running across the road, see it all right here.

Last week, we posted a video round-up of all of the TeslaCam and Tesla Sentry Mode highlights. This week, one single video encapsulates several events caught by Tesla’s camera.

It’s truly quite astonishing to see what’s caught on video now that all of these Teslas have a built-in camera and recording system.

This video includes two deer (it was a close call with that second one) running across the road, a motorcycle rear-ending another car, a possible drunk driver and some crazy flying debris that strikes a Tesla.

Video description via model3life on YouTube:

Thank you Matt for sharing your Model 3 Dash Cam footage with us. Be careful driving out there.

*** If you would like for us to use your Dash Cam footage in a video, please email us at: [email protected]


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