Want A Tesla Model 3 Performance For Under $50K? Go Off The Menu

It appears you can get the price down further if you don’t rely on Tesla’s website ordering options.

Just yesterday, we apprised you of Tesla’s changes to pricing, model offerings, and feature sets. Essentially, you can get a Model 3 cheaper than you could before the changes, while the Model S and Model X appear to be more expensive. In reality, however, the least expensive S and X vehicles were simply eliminated and the remaining trims come with more features for your money, like standard Ludicrous mode.

When the Tesla Model 3 Performance first came along, it was priced at $69,000. This surprised some people since that price wasn’t far off from the automaker’s flagship Model S.

Tesla quickly pulled some of the performance features off the car and offered it for $64,000, though you could pay the additional $5,000 to get those features back via the Performance Upgrades Package. This didn’t last very long, as Tesla unsurprisingly turned the tables again. That $5,000 package became standard.

Fast forward to today, and Tesla’s website shows the Model 3 Performance with a starting price of $54,990, some $14,000 cheaper than it once was. Again, the Performance Upgrades Package also sees changes. In fact, it’s simply off the menu entirely, so details are unclear in terms of what features you can add and eliminate from the car if you special order.

Nonetheless, if you navigate through the custom order menu, you’ll see that the Model 3 Performance comes standard with 20-inch Performance wheels. However, in smaller print, it says you can opt for 18-inch Aero wheels by request. We’re not sure if any of the other “unbundled” upgrade features can be removed, but Electrek reported that making the change drops the price of the car to just $49,990.

We’ve reached out to Tesla for more details and we’ll update this post once we have the official information.

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