Video Reveals Multitude Of Tesla Model Y Castings At Giga Texas


Klender grabbed the video from Snapchat. It was clearly filmed and leaked by someone who has access to the Texas Tesla factory. Teslarati says the number of Model Y castings on-site at this point is clearly in the thousands.

Tesla plans to open its Austin Gigafactory before the end of the year. However, we've been watching various drone flyovers, primarily filmed by Joe Tegtmeyer, which have shown much progress over the last few months. There have been Model Y castings at the site for some time, but many were stacked up outdoors.

It hasn't been 100 percent clear whether all the castings were produced in Texas or shipped there. Moreover, early on, it seemed that Tesla may have just been testing the casting machines and the process. The company could later recycle the early castings and start fresh. However, now, the castings are neatly lined up inside the factory, reportedly awaiting production.

A few weeks ago, Tesla started assembling pre-production Model Y crossovers at the factory in Austin. Now, it's just a waiting game since we have no clue when the factory will officially open. Once it does start producing vehicles, it will likely be a while before production can ramp up. However, having thousands of Model Y castings on-site should help speed up the process.

It's important to note that this may also mean that Tesla is on track to produce Model Y crossovers with the proposed structural battery pack and 4680 battery cells. However, details about whether the new cells will be available, and especially in large quantities, are not yet known.

Sources:Teslarati,Joey Klender (YouTube)

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