Very Orange 2010 Tesla Roadster Is Up For Auction

Tesla made and sold over 2,400 Roadsters from mid-2018 until January 2012, making it quite an achievement for what was an expensive weekend toy to most. Around 1,500 examples stayed in the US, with the most common colors were blue, black, red and silver.

At the other end of the spectrum we have much rarer colors like the “Brilliant Yellow Metallic” or the so-called “Very Orange” on this car that is going up for auction. Its listing on Cars & Bids says this 2010 example with under 2,000 miles on its odometer is “mostly unmodified” and it looks like it’s in excellent condition – the passenger’s seat mat still has its original plastic cover.

Scrolling through the gallery made up of nearly 100 photos, this Tesla looks really well maintained in terms of its paint, with no real signs of ageing or wear. When new, its options amounted to $28,100, bringing this Roadster’s window sticker price with destination charge included to $139,050.

The paint, the forged wheels, adjustable suspension, carbon fiber accents, heated seats and forged wheels all brought up the price, but none more so than the $9,000 carbon exterior pack, the $6,000 optional two-tone leather interior or the $4,000 adjustable suspension.

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