Various Tesla Model S Variants Drag Raced Agains Each Other And A Model X

All Teslas are pretty quick, but how big a difference is there between the various versions of Model S.

The Model S is the quickest Tesla you can currently buy; if you opt for the P100D model, it hits sixty in 2.5 seconds (with the new Cheetah stance mode enabled), making it the single fastest accelerating production car ever made. But how much better at accelerating is a P100D compared to slower (older) models and lower-powered variants.

Well, Emir Tunçyürek decided to find out and he lined up no fewer than 5 different versions of Model S, along with a Model X and drag raced them against one another on a landing strip. The versions of Model S present at the start were a 90D, a 100D, a P85D from 2015, a P90D from late 2016 and a P100D from 2017; the Model X is a P90D.

And once they set off on the drag race (which, by the way, is held over 1 kilometer, so around 0.62 miles) the result is predictable. The start of the race is not the cleanest – driver reactions to the race beginning vary quite a lot – and the P85D pulls away first, although it is quickly caught by the P90D and P100D.

They don’t show they state of charge of any of the vehicles, but if you were wondering why the P100D didn’t shoot off ahead, well, it apparently had some overheating issues and it was not able to deliver its full power output on that day. Check out the video to see how it all unfolded and make sure to turn on subtitles because all of the commentary is in Turkish.

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