The Least Expensive Teslas Just Got A $500 Price Bump

Small and frequent price adjustments are Tesla’s speciality.

This week we noted another small change tof Tesla prices in the U.S., related specifically to the Tesla Model 3 model.

The two least expensive versions – Standard Range Plus and Long Range AWD – are now $500 more expensive, which also means that the entry-level Tesla starts at $39,190 (after including $1,200 DST).

The move is relatively small (1.3%). Only time will tell whether there will be more adjustments soon, as Tesla sometimes applies changes several times in a single week.

Part of the reason for that is that the company does not have dealers, which in the case of other brands would be responsible to negotiate the final prices, based on a usually stable manufacturer’s MSRP. Dealer prices are also changed quite often.

Tesla prices:

ModelBase PriceDest. ChargeTax CreditEffective Price
2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus$37,990+$1,200N/A$39,190
2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD$46,990+$1,200N/A$48,190
2021 Tesla Model 3 Perf. LR AWD 20″$55,990+$1,200N/A$57,190
2021 Tesla Model S Long Range (AWD) 19″$79,990+$1,200N/A$81,190
2021 Tesla Model S Plaid 19″$119,990+$1,200N/A$121,190
2021 Tesla Model S Plaid+ 19″$149,990+$1,200N/A$151,190
2021 Tesla Model X Long Range (AWD) 20″$89,990+$1,200N/A$91,190
2021 Tesla Model X Plaid 20″$119,990+$1,200N/A$121,190
2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD 19″$49,990+$1,200N/A$51,190
2021 Tesla Model Y Perf. LR AWD 21″$60,990+$1,200N/A$62,190

* The list does not include models not listed on Tesla’s website.

This week, Tesla slightly adjusted also the price of MIC Model Y in China. It increased by 8,000 RMB ($1,226). Reportedly, the price increased to reflect increased production cost.

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