The ID.4 GTX Is Volkswagen\u2019s First Performance EV

Remember the Plymouth GTX? It was a line of Belvedere-based sporty coupes and convertibles Plymouth made from 1967 to about ’74. GTXs had blacked-out grilles, hood scoops, pop out chrome gas caps, and a center-console mounted tach. The more important stuff was under the hood. Plymouth’s 440 cubic-inch V8 (375 hp) was standard and the mighty 426 Hemi (425 hp) was optional. GTXs were not posers. Now the GTX badge is being revived on another performance car. This one is from VW, is an EV, and is called the ID.4 GTX. VW says its sportier, faster versions of its upcoming EVs will be badged “GTX,” starting with the all-wheel-drive ID.4 GTX, with a second motor on the front axle.

What does this mean for the U.S.? VW officials told Autoweek that our dual-motor all-wheel-drive ID.4 will be called simply ID.4 AWD. Sources told us to expect the AWD version “later this summer” packing about 301 hp and slightly stiffer suspension.


VW officials said the additional motor switches on “intelligently within a few milliseconds when very high performance or strong traction are required. In the new Traction driving mode, it is even permanently activated.”

Volkswagen is scheduled to show the GTX at the end of April. The automaker already uses GTI, GTD, and GTE badges for gasoline, diesel, and plug-in-hybrids, and our sources told us GTX will be used on other ID models.

“The letters GT have long stood for driving pleasure,” said Klaus Zellmer, board member for marketing and sales at Volkswagen. “Now the X is building the bridge to the mobility of the future. Sustainability and sportiness are not mutually exclusive, but complement each other intelligently.”

VW sources told Autoweek that the GTX models in Europe will have some sporty-ish bodywork tweaks that we’re not getting on the U.S. version.

Also check out the just-unveiled ID.6 crossover, shown at the Shanghai auto show.

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