Tesla's Epic Rise To #1 Captured In This Stunning Moving Chart

It took some time for Tesla to catch up, but then the electric automaker simply blows by everyone.

This moving chart captures Tesla’s epic rise to the #1 sales spot in the U.S. for plug-in electric cars.

A few days ago, we shared a similar in-motion chart showing sales by model, but this one is broken down by make instead, which in the case of Tesla combines sales of the Model 3, Model S and Model X.

Credit where credit is due, of course. The sales figures come from our own InsideEVs sales scorecard, but this amazing in-motion visualization is the work @masegoslin on Twitter.

More Sales

Check out the moving chart below. Note that it displays sales info from January of 2012 through the present, which in this case would currently be through the end of April. Watch til the end to see Tesla rise to the top and then blow every other automaker away.

Watch the clip below to see Tesla shoot to #1.

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