Tesla Production Sites By Model Assignment, Capacity: April 2021

Let’s take a look at Tesla’s manufacturing infrastructure.

Tesla’s manufacturing infrastructure includes two electric car plants (one in California and one in China). The company is in a process of adding two more later this year (in Germany and in Texas).

The currently installed potential manufacturing capacity exceeded 1 million units annually (although it requires a ramp to full capacity) – no change compared to Q4 2020 report.

Assuming the production rate in Q1 (almost 185,000), the company is on track to soon reach 800,000 sales within 12-months.

“We are currently building Model Y capacity at Gigafactory Berlin and Gigafactory Texas and remain on track to start production and deliveries from each location in 2021. Gigafactory Shanghai will continue to expand further over time. Tesla Semi deliveries will also begin in 2021.”

Tesla Factory in Fremont, California – up to 600,000/year

Tesla’s Fremont factory has the potential to produce up to 500,000 Model 3/Model Y a year.

“In Fremont, Model Y production continued to ramp successfully and is approaching full capacity.”

The production of Model S/Model X was paused for a while to prepare the new, refreshed versions, but is expected to resume in Q2 2021 (delayed compared to the previous target of Q1 2021). The potential output will then be 100,000 a year (after a ramp-up phase).

Tesla Giga Shanghai (Gigafactory 3) in China – up to 450,000/year

According to the Q1 report, the Tesla Giga Shanghai plant has the potential to produce up to 450,000 Model 3/Model Y per year (no change compared to the previous quarter). The site is still expanding.

“Model Y ramp in Shanghai is progressing well. We expect that our Shanghai factory will continue to increase quarterly production output through the year. We recently improved our domestic supply sourcing ratio to over 90%. Vehicle exports to Europe and APAC continue to progress as planned.”

Tesla Giga Berlin (Gigafactory 4) in Germany

Tesla Giga Berlin, under construction in Grünheide near Berlin in Germany, progresses quickly. Production of the Model Y will start in “late 2021”. No info about other projects.

“In Europe, buildout of Gigafactory Berlin is continuing to move forward, with production and deliveries remaining on track for late 2021. Machinery for paint, stamping, castings, etc., continues to be moved into the building. In the meantime, we will continue to increase import volumes to Europe.”

Tesla Giga Texas (Gigafactory 5) in the U.S.

Tesla Giga Texas is under construction in Austin Texas. It’s scheduled to produce Model Y (this year) and Cybertruck.

“In Texas, the factory buildout continues to progress quickly, remaining on track to start production and deliveries late this year. We recently began moving equipment into the building and are in the process of commissioning them in certain areas.”

Tesla installed manufacturing capacity

  • Total of up to 1,050,000 per year (up to 600,000 at the Tesla Factory and up to 450,000 at the Gigafactory 3)

Production sites

  • Tesla Factory in Fremont, California
    • Model S/X (capacity of up to 100,000 annually) Model S since mid-2012, Model X since late 2015
    • Model 3/Y (capacity of up to 500,000 annually now), Model 3 since mid-2017, Model Y since January 2020
    • Total output of up to 600,000 S/X/3/Y
  • Tesla Gigafactory 1 in Nevada
    • related to lithium-ion cell, module and pack production, energy storage products and drive units
    • Tesla Gigafactory 2 in New York
      • Related to solar and some energy storage products
      • Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China
        • Model 3/Y (capacity of up to 450,000 annually)
          Model 3 since late 2019, Model Y since December 2020
        • Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany, Europe
          • under construction
          • production expected to start in 2021 (first Model Y)
          • Model Y “construction”
          • Model 3 previously “in development”, now no info
          • Tesla Gigafactory 5 in Austin, Texas
            • under construction
            • Model Y: “construction”, an additional production site in the U.S. (Model 3 is not listed)
            • Cybertruck: “in development”, unveiled in late 2019, production from late 2021
            • Unassigned models
              • Semi: “in development”. To be launched in 2021 (it was expected that the Semi will be produced in Texas, according to Q2 2020 call, but it is unassigned yet)
              • Roadster: “in development”, probably will be assigned to Fremont Factory (our guess)
              • “Future Product” – undisclosed: “in development”, unassigned

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