Tesla Model Y: Check Out These 10 Must-Have Accessories

The holiday season is upon us, so it’s high time to check out some accessories for your Tesla.

There’s no doubt that regardless of the car you own, there are probably lots of accessories available for it. This is especially true if we’re talking about typical accessories like floor mats and seat covers. However, newer cars, and especially unique and popular models, can have whole websites dedicated to their accessories and aftermarket products.

If you own a Tesla, you’ll find a long list of accessories available for your car. For Model Y owners, the list is growing rapidly. However, the tough part here is that with so many options available, it’s often difficult to know which items are the best. In addition, it may simply be hard to decide what you really need, and what’s just an extraneous item that’s designed primarily to get people to spend money.

Bearded Tesla Guy has owned his Tesla Model Y for seven months. He’s taken the time to check out the vast assortment of accessories for the electric crossover to come up with a list of the 10 best. Of course, his list includes the 10 best in his opinion, and everyone’s opinion is different, but it’s a solid starting point for people who own a Model Y or are taking delivery of one soon. 

Bearded Tesla Guy points out that some accessories for the Model Y are things you should actually buy before you take delivery of your car, since you’ll want to make use of them right away. Other accessories can be bought over time, if and when you decide you need them.

According to this video, the top 10 Model Y accessories include:

  • 3D MAXpider Floor mats
  • Screen Protector
  • Center Console Cover
  • Phone and Glasses Holder
  • Center Console Tray
  • Noise Reduction Kit
  • Seat Protectors
  • iPad Holder
  • Frunk Cooler
  • Ceramic Coat

If you’re considering any of these products, visit Bearded Tesla Guy’s YouTube channel by clicking on the video above or following the source link below. He includes links to the brands he recommends, and some even come with special discounts.

Once you’ve check out the video and the products, leave us your personal Tesla accessory suggestions in the comment section below.

Source:Bearded Tesla Guy (YouTube)

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