Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats: In-Depth Analysis (Video Review)

This guy knows which to buy.

When a car comes to market that’s as instantly popular as the Tesla Model 3, companies flock to produce and sell accessories for it. On one hand, this is a good thing since it means you’ll have tons of options. On the other hand, this is a bad thing since it means you’ll have tons of options. 

What we’re saying here is it’s always fantastic to have many options. This way, you can more easily find something that fits your budget and priorities. However, sifting through the mess of choices is time-consuming and frustrating. We equate it to walking down the cold medicine aisle at your local pharmacy. Why does there have to be 64 different brands and styles of the same stuff?

Fortunately, the internet helps immensely. You can find everything quickly, seek out reviews, and purchase with just a few clicks.

This brings us to some questions we’ve received on numerous occasions. Which floormats should I buy for my Tesla? How do I even figure out which are the best? What’s a good price for Model 3 floormats? Where should I order them from?

Fortunately, Tesla fan and esteemed EV YouTuber Bjørn Nyland set aside a huge chunk of time to provide some answers. 33 minutes about Model 3 floormats! Really? Yes, this is truly the case. We’re confident that you’ll be thoroughly educated even if you don’t watch it in its entirety.

In addition, we’ll be updating our Tesla Model 3 Must-Have Accessories article on a regular basis. Our own Tom Moloughney and Motor1.com Global Editor in Chief John Neff each recently took ownership of a Model 3 and they’ll continue to have plenty to share with us.

We’d love to hear your Model 3 accessory suggestions as well. Spread the word in our comments section below.

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 floor mats big test






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