Tesla Model 3 Deliveries In The Netherlands Exceed 11,000 This Month

The peak daily number of registrations almost hit 1,000.

We already knew that Tesla Model 3 delivery numbers would be huge in the Netherlands this month, but it seems that the final number might be higher than anyone anticipated, even in the best-case scenario.

According to stats (as of December 29), the total number of new registrations amounted to 11,118 (29,024 YTD), which is almost twp times more than in record September (5,768)!

It makes us speechless as Tesla simply beats all records, leaving behind all cars, regardless of whether they are electric or not.

Surely, a lot has to do with the upcoming changes in BEV tax incentives from January 1, 2020, but other models like the Audi e-tron or Hyundai Kona Electric are getting 1,500 and 700 registrations in December – still strong, but an order of magnitude less than the Model 3. Tesla is a phenomenon.

On December 28 alone, the number of registrations amounted to almost a thousand – 989 (1,011 with 22 Model S/X). On several other days earlier this month, it was above 600 or even 700 units a day.

Well, we will wait patiently for the final stats in January. Hopefully, theTesla team will get some rest then for all their hard work.

Source: kentekenradar.nl

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