Tesla Hate: Chevy Camaro Driver Throws Coins At A Tesla Model 3

It was not only pointless: it was also dangerous.

Imagine that you are calmly driving with your family on the lovely roads of California with a brand-new Tesla Model 3. Your one-year-old son is in the back seat. All of a sudden, you see a car driving erratically and hear the noise of metal tinkling in your car. Not once: twice. This was what Ahmed Hassan went through near Sylmar with a Chevrolet Camaro driver. Another pure Tesla hate act: senseless, stupid, and dangerous.

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“I just got a new Tesla Model 3 over a month ago. I was driving on the 5 freeway near Sylmar, CA on Saturday, as this guy in a red Camaro came out of nowhere and threw what appears to be coins at my car on both sides.” 

As people have to believe there is a reason for such acts, Hassan anticipated our question and cleared that up right away.

“I didn’t piss him off or anything to cause him to do that. I was cruising on the freeway with my family and my one-year-old son. That guy was driving fast and cutting off people left and right. He came from a very far distance behind. He would have caught me in a second if I had pissed him off.”

If you check the video made by TeslaCam, you’ll see the Camaro driver looks intoxicated. At least that is precisely how a DUI behaves, zigzagging like that. We only wonder where these guys find so many coins. Do they carry bags of change, just in case?

The second time the Camaro driver throws coins at the Tesla is not very clear in the video. The screenshots we took make that moment more evident, as you can see in the image below.

With that many coins flying over his Model 3, did anything happen to it?

“Luckily, nothing major happened to the car, but it scared the hell out of me. This kind of thing can cause accidents. I am sending you this because, as more people know, people who do such actions will eventually stop.”

Hassan is still flabbergasted 

“I don’t understand what happened, or why. Maybe he just hates Tesla cars or the company. Maybe he loves his ICE car so much that he doesn’t want to see it go away. Or he’s a short seller that’s getting squeezed right now. But why would he do that to a random car driving on high speed with a family in it, I don’t know.”

Neither do we, Hassan, hence the Tesla hate explanation. It is the only one that fits this sort of behavior. What we do know is the Camaro’s license plate: 7HPU674. Thanks to license plate checking services, we know it belongs to a 2011 Camaro in Victory Red color that was last bought in March 2016.

The CHP will probably learn a lot more from that information. It could even pay this guy a visit for a fine and a lecture on dangerous driving. What about banning him from driving? It would be the best solution for the sake of all families that happen to be on the road – whether on an EV or not.

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