Tesla Cybertruck Round Steering Wheel Possibly In The Works, As Shown In Official Video

The upcoming Tesla Cybertruck has always been spotted with a yoke-style steering wheel – be it one similar to what’s offered on the latest variant of the Model S and Model X or an updated version with a connecting top part.

However, it looks like the Austin-based EV brand is possibly preparing a regular round steering wheel option for the delayed pickup, as shown in the latest Tesla Bot Update video, where near the end an unmistakable outline of a round steering wheel can be seen inside a Cybertruck prototype.

If the EV manufacturer will offer both a yoke-style steering wheel and a good old round steering wheel, it might just avoid having to implement a retrofit program as it did for the Model S and Model X, which were only offered with the yoke after their latest refresh, but Tesla later implemented a regular steering wheel as a no-cost option.

Tesla Cybertruck round steering wheel

It would also mean that impatient Cybertruck reservation holders won’t have to pay extra to change the steering wheel if they find the yoke to be impractical.

At this point, it’s still early to know for sure what the Elon Musk-led company will do in this respect. The latest truck prototype shown outside the Austin Gigafactory during the firm’s shareholders meeting was sporting an updated yoke with a connecting top part that the driver could grab onto when necessary.

Tesla Cybertruck POV interior photos

However, the original prototype from 2019 and a couple of subsequent iterations were spotted with a steering wheel similar to the yoke on the Model S and Model X. Additionally, Tesla’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, said in a podcast at the beginning of the year that “the yoke makes a lot of sense” and that it makes “the whole user experience and interior cockpit simpler and cleaner.”

The EV maker is yet to reveal any official details about the upcoming Cybertruck, so we’ll just have to wait until later this year when Tesla will host a special delivery event for the first customer vehicles. Maybe then, Elon Musk will finally give the world some information about the truck.

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