Some Tesla Owners Go All Out For Halloween

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Posted on EVANNEX on October 31, 2021 by Matt Pressman

Happy Halloween! This Halloween, be sure to check out a fun gallery of Tesla owners who’ve been showing off their love for the company (and the cars) leading up to the festivities this October. So how will Tesla owners dress up their all-electric cars this Halloween?

Take a look at some of these creative ideas. Some in the Tesla community outfit their Tesla in crazy ways to surprise trick-or-treaters. Others just keep it simple — opening their ‘frunk’ to add pumpkins, jaws, or other ghoulish decorations. Some cool Tesla kids (see below) even have Cybertruck-inspired Halloween outfits!


Hopefully, a few of these pics will provide some fun ideas for Halloween. There’s always the option to use Smart Summon to shock your neighbors as this Tesla owner did — placing a skeleton in the driver seat for a spooky Halloween surprise.

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