Shrunken Tesla Cybertruck Crashes Before It Is Completed But It's OK

And it burns tires even without its most powerful motor in action.

If you have read our article on the shrunken Tesla Cybertruck from The Hacksmith YouTube channel, you’ll remember how the first video ended. It gave us the impression of a crash, and a crash came, as predicted. Luckily, against a table. While the half-sized Cybertruck is doing fine, we cannot say the same about the table.

Gallery: Check The First Episode Of The Hacksmith Building A Half-Sized Tesla Cybertruck

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In this episode, we learn more about the powertrain. Yes, it is electric, unlike the Russian Cybertruck, but we thought it was only a front-wheel-drive vehicle. Not entirely: the shrunken Cybetruck is faithful to the original and has a tri-motor configuration. Two of them are at the front axle and one at the rear.

When the scene of the crash appeared in the first video, only the front wheels were turning. That was because the rear motor was not connected to the batteries. When it is fully functional, the half-sized Cybertruck will be a 4WD vehicle for two people.

The front has two in-wheel motors, and they are not the most powerful ones. That did not stop the mini-electric pickup truck from leaving a rubber trail on its way due to quite a lot of torque. According to The Hacksmith guys, it presents 610 lb-ft of torque. The 5-liter Ford F-150 produces 400 lb-ft.

If the Cybertruck tribute was not enough, The Hacksmith decided to make a Tesla Quad slated to be at the truck’s bed. But they were probably already having a lot of trouble doing the shrunken pickup truck, which led them to buy one: the Kid Trax CAT Power ATV. They will probably give it a different appearance, but it already fits perfectly in the bed.

With its stainless steel body already welded and polished, it is still missing a steering wheel and windows, but we suspect the next video may be the final one for the half-sized Cybertruck from The Hacksmith. We are again amazed by the level of details and technical details this little electric pickup truck has and can’t wait to see it finished.

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