Porsche Taycan Deliveries Top 911 Numbers

Porsche’s electric sedan and wagon duo have enjoyed a far smoother launch than some other EV offerings from European automakers, getting a warm reception from longtime Porsche owners and EV shoppers alike. But as with any EV launch from an automaker large or small, there were some lingering doubts that the model would maintain interest over a moderate period of time, without sales dropping off a cliff after the first 12 months or so .

These doubts seems to have been erased late this year, as the automaker released delivery numbers for the Taycan, noting that it has eclipsed delivery numbers of all versions of the 911 from the start of the year through the third quarter.

“The Porsche Cayenne remains the most successful model, with 62,451 examples delivered, followed by the Macan with 61,944 units, a 12 percent increase,” the automaker said. “The fully electric Taycan was also extremely popular, with 28,640 cars being delivered to customers. Now in its second full year on the market, it is on a par with the iconic 911 sports car, 27,972 of which were delivered in the first three quarters—an increase of 10 percent.”

Of course, the 911 itself has not led Porsche sales figures for quite some time, having been upstaged by the Macan and Cayenne. But the Taycan managed to beat other Porsche models as well, include the 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman, which collectively recorded 15,916 deliveries in the same time period, as well as the Panamera, which posted 20,275 deliveries. Porsche notes that the Panamera and the 718 models recorded just one percent of growth over 2020, which pales in comparison to gains exhibited by other models.

Porsche did not say which just regions showed the most growth when it comes to the Taycan alone, but it’s worth noting that northern Europe has been in the midst of an EV boom for the past year and a half, with customers spending months on waiting lists for a number of popular models.

When it comes to its entire lineup, Porsche points out that the 51,615 vehicles delivered in the US represent a 30 percent increase over 2020, while Europe had seen just a 2 percent increase over that same time period. So car shoppers in the US are certainly leading the buying spree when it comes to all Porsche models, even though Germany saw much more of a gain in EV sales in the past two years.

“The strong positioning in North America is also reflected in the findings of the most recent J.D. Power APEAL study: As in previous years, customers still see Porsche as the most appealing premium brand,” the automaker noted. “Across the American continent as a whole, Porsche made a total of 63,025 deliveries, 29 percent more than in the first three quarters of 2020.”

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