Noise Levels: Tesla Model S Raven With 21-inch Wheels (Video)

Is it quieter than a German car?

Tesla recently updated or “refreshed” its flagship Model S and Model X vehicles. Essentially, the vehicles got a different motor configuration, using concepts from the setup used in the Model 3. Its coined “Raven” and it leads to better range, efficiency, and acceleration. In addition, the cars bother received updated adaptive suspension systems.

Since the update, we’ve started to see new videos, reviews, and races popping up. People are always eager to test out Tesla vehicles, but this is especially true due when there’s a “not-a-refresh” refresh.

At any rate, Tesla fan and YouTuber extraordinaire Bjørn Nyland was able to get his hands on a Tesla Model S Raven. He wanted to check out its noise levels. The model he tested is wearing 21-inch wheels. He says that Tesla vehicles have been known to be noisy in the past, especially in Norway. However, overall, he seems quite impressed, though he says maybe one day Tesla’s cars will be almost as quiet as German cars.

As is always the case with Nyland, he provides plenty of discussion and details in the video. Give it a watch and then scroll down to share your comments.

Do you own a Tesla Model S or Model X Raven? We’d love to know your overall observations and experiences.

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

Model S Raven w/21″ wheels noise test

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