How Much Does A Used Tesla Cost?

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Posted on EVANNEX November 09, 2022, by Peter McGuthrie

As the price tags on electric vehicles remain out of reach for many consumers, some have elected to buy Teslas used to save money. The price of a used Tesla can vary significantly, depending on which of the automaker’s four vehicles you’re looking at buying.

Above: A group of Tesla vehicles in front of a service center. Photo: Casey Murphy for EVANNEX

U.S. News recently took a detailed look at how much a used Tesla costs, including specific, fact-checked price ranges for each of the vehicles in the automaker’s lineup. The report looked at model years before and leading up to 2020 for each of the company’s vehicles, also noting the range of each vehicle alongside its price tag.

Tesla’s four currently available vehicles include the Model 3, Model S, Model X and Model Y — the latter two of which are both SUVs and the former sedans. The vehicles will also vary in range and features from one model year to the next, which can also affect the price across models.


The Tesla Model 3 was first debuted for the 2018 model year, offering a smaller build than the company’s other sedan, the Model S. The Model 3 is also more affordable, making it a popular electric sedan for many of the world’s auto markets. The EV includes either rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive, the latter of which all feature dual-motor configurations.

Model YearMinimum AverageMaximum AverageRange
2018$44,272$52,926260-310 miles
2019$47,102$58,254240-310 miles
2020$47,292$62,089260-310 miles


The Model S is Tesla’s earliest still-available EV, first hitting the U.S. market in 2013. After its introduction, the Model S gained a refreshed version in 2016 before gaining even more changes in the 2020 model year. Although some older models included RWD, the feature was discontinued in 2018 with all modern editions including AWD.

Model YearMinimum AverageMaximum AverageRange
2015$38,879$50,788240-270 miles
2016$42,832$65,370210-315 miles
2019$74,053$115,507285-370 miles
2020$87,742$100,305287-402 miles


The AWD Tesla Model X was first introduced in 2016, featuring its “Falcon Wing” upward-opening SUV doors and major changes in model years since including adaptive suspension and range.

Model YearMinimum AverageMaximum AverageRange
2016$58,650$76,557238-257 miles
2017$67,072$82,525238-295 miles
2018$80,409$98,050238-295 miles
2019$88,200$128,643238-325 miles
2020$79,990$99,990258-351 miles


The Tesla Model Y is quickly becoming one of the world’s best-selling vehicles, and the best-selling EV in many markets. It bears a more affordable price tag than the Model X though it was only introduced in 2020, so there aren’t as many used Tesla Model Y units available as with other vehicles.

Model YearMinimum AverageMaximum AverageRange
2020$64,448$69,039244-316 miles


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