How Long Can Tesla Model 3 Go On 5 KWh With Hypermiling Tricks?

Tesla Model 3 owner from the UK hypermiles his car to find out.

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most efficient electric cars on the market, but by how much could you improve its efficiency if you applied hypermiling tricks? Well, this is what a Tesla-centric YouTuber from the United Kingdom, Tesla Torque, set out to find out.

He wanted to see for how long he could drive his Model 3 on exactly 5 kWh of electricity. In one instance, he drives the car as he normally does, with no range extending tricks used, and then he drives it again applying as many hypermiling techniques as he can; even the aero wheel covers come off for the inefficient second drive (he has a separate dedicated video on the aero covers, which we also added here).

What are the hypermiling tricks applied? Well, the big one is having the heating and ventilation, as well as air conditioning switched completely off. There’s also the usual making sure tire pressure is correct and just generally adjusting your driving style – the big thing is to not accelerate hard and allowing the car’s regenerative braking to charge the battery. Oh, and the aero wheel covers are on the car for this part of the test.

This is actually quite the interesting video, we say, because we’re sure many people have wondered if this actually makes a difference, but maybe didn’t have the time to test it on their own. Before watching this video until the end, we really genuinely wondered how many more miles he would actually get.

So for the maximum efficiency drive, he managed to travel exactly 27.3 miles on 5 kWh, or 4 extra miles. Is this difference worth the restraint and preparation that went into the efficient drive? Let us know in the comments below.

Source:Tesla Torque / YouTube

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