How Does Tesla Model X Compare To Old-School SUV Up A Rocky Mountain?

Is it a bad idea to take your prized (and expensive) Model X off the pavement?

As you’re probably already aware, TLFcar has replaced its “Thrifty 3” series with a new “Adventure X” series. This is because the reviewer quickly sold its Tesla Model 3 and replaced it with a Model X. As promised, the guys are hard at work publishing videos about the Tesla crossover’s capabilities when it comes to towing and off-roading.

Why? Because some people who buy SUVs generally want not only a family-hauler but also a vehicle with some prowess. For some buyers to consider taking the plunge and purchasing a Model X, they’ll need to know if it can live up to the capabilities of other SUVs.

To make this challenge even more difficult, TFLcar doesn’t simply compare the Model X to one of today’s typical, light-duty SUVs, which are basically inflated cars. Instead, they want to know how the Model X stacks up to an “old-school” SUV. More specifically, an older Volkswagen Touareg, which is known to be a solid off-road vehicle, despite its unibody construction.

As you’ll learn from the video, putting off-road tires on the Model X is a major challenge. There are other issues as well, since the Model X — while surely powerful and capable — was not specifically designed as an off-roader.

Give the video a watch and then let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via The Fast Lane Car on YouTube:

Can a Tesla Go Off-Road Up a Rocky Mountain? We Compare It to an Old-School SUV | Adventure X Ep. 3

( ) Can an electric car go off-road. To find out we took our long term Tesla Model X up the Rocky top mountain in a dramatic display of tire shredding off-road prowesses….or not!


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